City of Churches

Recently i had a quick trip to Adelaide and i had soooo much fun!

Adelaide is a very small city (can walk the length of it in about 15 mins), but its got a lot to offer! I stayed in hostel 109, which is a small hostel and the guys that run it are so great!

Maybe your interested in churches, like i am, which means Adelaide is the place for you! They dont call it the city of churches for nothing! There is a church on every corner, with South Australias oldest church Holy Trinity, sitting just outside the city centre.
I was told it was originally built in the centre of the city, but the city expanded a lot leaving the church on the outskirts.

If youre not into churches, have no fear! There are a tonne of shopping arcades in the city, as well as museums, and art galleries that are all free. Make sure to nip to the botanic gardens for a relaxing stroll! Theres also an opal museum in an opal shop which is very interesting if youre into minerals and geology.

Looks like a celery, definately not a celery
On my 3rd day, i headed to Kangaroo Island (off the south coast of Adelaide) where id booked a one tour.

View from the YHA onthe island
The tour was great! Got to see all the sights such as remarkable rocks!

Me in a rock

A bit of remarkable rocks
We also got to see some New Zealand fur seals which are endangered, and went to a wildlife sanctuary where we saw wild Koalas.

I headed back to Adelaide the next day.

Pigs in the city centre
If you are in Adelaide, dont forget to gead to Glenelg beach! Is is blue sea next to amazing white sand! It’s only a short tram ride from the city straight to the beach!

Glenelg beach
It was really hot when i went to Adelaide so make sure to take your sun cream with you!

Jess x


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