Long weekend on Phillip Island

For Labour Day weekend, we headed down to Phillip Island in Victoria!

Phillip Island is known for many amazing things including the Penguins, which we did the first night we got there. We ended up getting a special pass which allowed you to be closer to the Penguins when they arrive back from their day of fishing. It was amazing! There’s no photography allowed at all whilst the penguins are coming in!  If you’re lucky, you may get to see chicks being fed, or moulting penguins. 


The next day we headed to Churchill island. It’s a bit like a working farm. There are horses and pigs to stroke, as well as a sheep shearing demo,


a cow milking demo (which you can have a go at), whip cracking, a wagon ride and working dog demo. Plus there’s an old style house set up, which is to demonstrate what it was like to live there when first colonised. The food in the cafe is also great! Get yourself down there if you have a spare day, as it great fun for kids and adults! 

On the Sunday, whilst everyone went surfing in the morning, I took the chance to catch up on some reading (I’ve found a great new series. Be prepared for a post about it soon!). In the afternoon, we ventured to the Koala sanctuary and saw some very cute Koalas,

and some wallabys hopping about,


and then went and saw the nobbies, which are rock formations in the sea.

If you’re lucky, you might even spot a penguin or two when at the nobbies as there are a tonne of little houses dotted about. Felt so bad for them, as some of them are up some very steep hills! Not sure I could climb that after a 50km round trip fishing for food! 

On the Monday morning, on the way back home we stopped off at Amaze n things.

Which is literally a maze and things, and it’s amazing! There are so many things to do! Obviously first off there’s the maze. Got to get to the 4 flags and then exit.

There’s also optical illusions, moving jigsaws, one of those rooms were you get locked in until you solve the puzzle, a huge and very steep slide (which I was too scared to even look at), and many other things. Oh, and there’s 19 holes of mini golf! 

Deffs give it a go if you’re down there!

Jess x


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