The Last Dragon Chronicles 

Okay, so more book stuff! I took a break from Gone Girl and picked up 8 books instead.

So, I read the first 3 books of The Last Dragon Chronicles when I was (I think) 11 years old, bare in mind I’m 22 now. I definately have Icefire, the 2nd book, in hard back.

Order is: Fire Within, Icefire, Fire Star, Fire Eternal, Dark Fire, Fire World, Fire Ascending.

So I picked up the first book before I headed on my trip to Sydney and Cairns and fell in love with the characters and the book all over again. Once I had finished the first, I couldn’t wait to read the rest! 


A quick synopsis is basically David Rain is a student and moves in with Elizabeth Pennykettle, her daughter Lucy, Bonnington the cat and a lot of clay dragons. Elizabeth makes the clay dragons and makes a special dragon for David which helps inspire him to write and takes him on a crazy journey discovering secrets, magic and love.

Okay, so there’s much more to it than my bad synopsis, but so much happens that you need to read them and I don’t want to spoil anything. I know what you’re thinking, it’s a kids book about dragons, but it isn’t. It’s so much more than that! It’s a mystery, romantic, bit scary, but it’s thoroughly enticing. You’ll finish a chapter and it’ll leave you wanting more! 

I left the last book in Melbourne whilst I’m travelling New Zealand for a month, so I don’t know how it ends yet!
Lemme tell you this, I haven’t been this excited about reading a large series of books for a very long time. What’s great about it is that there’s so much emotion in these books, that I cried (hard) at the happy and sad bits, I had to put the book down when I got so frustrated when something bad was happening, I got physically scared whilst reading on the plane that I needed to take a break and remind myself that it wasn’t real. 

Reading them 11 years ago, I can see why I stopped after 3 books. The story line is so strong, that even though they are kids books, it’s a little complicated to follow. Now I’m an adult, I can fully appreciate the story line and why it’s written the way it is. If 11 year old me had just finished the 3rd book, I probably wouldn’t have put it down!

Read them, then tell me I’m lying!

Chris d’Lacey, you are an amazing man with the imagination of a god!

Happy reading, Jess x


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