Go to Rotorua, and you’ll never want to leave 

So I arrived in Rotorua via naked bus, this leg of the journey provided by manabus.com and it was a very comfortable journey (and free wifi). When I arrived it was sideways raining, and this pretty much continued throughout my whole stay, bar the final day. 

The first thing I noticed about Rotorua (apart from the weather) was that it smelt funny. I was warned before I arrived, but to be honest, you get used to it. Rotorua has lots of sulphurous pool, so there are lots of natural hot pools around.


Even though it rained on the first day, I ventured around the town and walked to Kuirau Park, where there’s lots of bubbling water and mud pools.



You can’t fully submerge yourself into the pools, but there’s a place to dip your feet.

If you like hiking, there are fantastic hikes around the Redwood forest, lasting a varied amount of time.


On my way to the Redwoods I managed to get myself lost, my hiking boots were soaked and my waterproof coat was no longer waterproof, so I opted for the 30 minute hike, which was beautiful!
And the i-site has a very nice souvenir shop too!

If your looking for a place to relax in hot pools, there are a couple of free ones dotted about. I was recommended by a lovely lady to go to Kerosene Creek, which was a little way out of Rotorua, but as my only transport for the day was my legs, I opted to pay for the Polynesian Spa.


There’s a family pools, and adults only pool, plus private pools. I went for the adult pool, where there are 8 pools ranging from 38-42 degrees Celsius.

All the pools are mineral pools and be warned, there tarnish silver and metal, so remove your jewellery before you go in (yes, I learnt the hard way). 

As the last day was sunny, I woke up early to walk to Lake Rotorua and snap a few pics.
I ended up at Sulphur Point, which is very picturesque, and you get a beautiful view of Sulphur Bay.


(Half my entry didnt post, not good!)
Ao i did go to a Maori village called Whakarewarewa. We got a tour of the village where people still live! Got to see where they cook, bathe and we got a cultural experience which included a Haka and a few songs, annddd the Hokey Pokey! Its $35, but its well worth the trip to experience the culture!




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