Lake Taupō is literally the nicest lake I have ever seen. There’s nothing like sitting of an evening, just watching the sun set behind one of the mountains. 


I didn’t rain one single day I was in Taupō, and it was super warm (kind of humid) so shorts all round!

The maccas here is a PLANE!


It’s actually a DC-3 and you can eat in it, which was crazy exciting, and you can see all the controls in the cockpit. 

We ventured to Huka falls on the second day in the town,


which is a lovely walk that takes a few hours along the Waikato river which is the bluest river I have ever seen in my life!



The falls were pretty amazing, and I found out today that people canoe down it which is so sick! On the way back there’s a place called Spa Park which is a small part of the river that is hot. The small waterfalls are so hot! And to cool off, you can go swim in the FREEZING river. We tried to find an in betweeny warm bit that wasn’t too hot or too cold, but we were unsuccessful. But we relaxed there for a few hours I think.

The same day, I trekked to the botanical gardens, which were further than originally anticipated. But I was worth it, as three was a beautiful view of the lake from the lookout point.


There’s another lookout point along the highway (you’ll have most likely driven past it on the way in) which gives an amazing view of the whole of Taupō and the lake and the mountains. 


Taupō is an amazing place, so beautiful and I felt so at home there. You can spend as long as you want there. I mean, I inly spent 3 days, but I spoke to a couple who moved there for 2 years and stayed 30! So it’s pretty easy to do! 



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