A beehive, a giant squid and a beautiful bay- Being in Wellington

So, I took the 315am bus from Taupō to Wellington. I still think it was a good idea! Got into Wellington just after 8am, dumped my bags at my hostel (Hotel Waterloo & backpackers) and set off to explore the capital of New Zealand.

Wellington is quite small, but given that I had 2 whole days I wanted to pack in as much stuff as I could do.

The first day I headed straight for Te Papa museum. So many people I have met along my travels have said it was a must, and it was! The first exhibit I headed for was the marine exhibit (mainly to check out what molluscs they had on show), and there was a colossal squid on show!


It’s pretty wicked, there’s a video that accompanies it, that explains how the deep sea creature tried to at one of the fish that was caught by a fishing boat.

There’s also an earth exhibit about tectonic plates and earthquakes, and an exhibit on Gallopolli during WWI which I raced through because it was really sad and I was trying not to cry the whole time! There’s also a large exhibit on Maori culture, and much more. Plus a wicked cool exhibit on dream works animation that, unfortunately, wasn’t open when I went but peeking through the door it looked pretty sick! 

I was also advised to go to oriental bay, which was a real nice walk around the waterfront to a little beach area which was very relaxing.


Places to definately see, is the beehive and government libraries- both fantastic buildings, as well as old St Pauls church also pretty great if you like churches (which by now, you know I do).


Civic square is a great place to sit in the sun and chill, and there’s an art gallery which has some pretty great exhibits on at the moment, so go go go!

Jess xx


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