A journey to Picton

Took the interislander ferry yesterday from Wellington to Picton (from north to South Island). And it was beautiful!


You should take the ferry just for the views! We saw dolphins swimming along side the ferry and one of the girls in my hostel said she also saw penguins and a whale! So jel! 

You also get to sail through the Marlborough sound, so you get a bit of an idea what it’s like, but if you want to see more, you can take a boat around Marlborough sound and the Queen Charlotte sound.


I thoroughly underestimated Picton. When I looked at google maps, it looked a little grey and people told me it wasn’t worth going to. And how wrong we all were. 

First of all, we arrived and it was a fantasticly sunny day. I checked in a my hostel (the villa, I think it’s a YHA) and took of with one of my roommates for a hike.

Firstly we headed towards Bobs Bay, which is a bay named after Bob the fisherman apparently and took a little over half an hour to walk there maybe?


We weren’t rushing. We continued on to the snout track after, in an attempt to hike to Queen Charlottes view which would have taken about 50 minutes from the car park I think. But after a lot of uphill walking, we found the most amazing lookout and decided not to continue, as we would have had to go downhill and walk uphill on the way back, and it just was not very appealing at all.


I explored the town the next day, which took probably about half and hour in total. They have very cute shops though, and there’s also a great bakery next door to the Villa hostel, so do try that! 

Picton is a gorgeous place, and I wish I had spent more than 1 day and 1 night there, so I think I will be heading back st some point!


Don’t skip Picton on your journey!

Jess x


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