Greymouth, pronounced grey mouth

The tranzalpine train arrived in Greymouth around 13:30, and it was a glorious day! When I say glorious day, it was sunny, but cold. 


First thing I did was walk to my hostel which was Noah’s Ark backpackers which was literally the cutest hostel ever! 

Greymouth is a very small town. According to wiki it has a population of almost 10,000 people! Even though it’s small, I still seemed to fill up my 2 and a half days there. 

There’s a wonderful viewpoint to walk  by the beach which is where loads of ships wrecked, so there’s a memorial and a bit of information on it.


It’s a very pleasant walk to the beach either via the roads or the walking track which takes you closer to the water.


On one of the mornings, I attempted to find a hike. So I walked up the road and came to a very very very steep hill and started to climb. It took me higher and higher and offered some amazing views!


But after seeing that the hill just continued up, I decided that I was not up for that and headed back down. 

The town doesn’t have a lot of shops, but I must admit, I really enjoyed visiting just for the views. Its a very relaxing place, and it’s definately worth a stop on your trail! 

Jess x


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