The town at the bottom of a glacier, to Franz Josef!

Our drive to Franz Josef Glacier was so pretty. We stopped to take a few photos of the Waikato River, which was so blue!


Apparently when it rains the river gets less blue, I’m so glad it hadn’t been raining over the west coast. 

Franz Josef is the smallest town ever. You can literally walk from one end of the main road to the other in under 5 minutes. 

I was meant to do the Ice Explorer trip onto the glacier, but it had been cancelled due to on coming weather. So instead I decided to hike to the glacier so that I would still get to see it. That’s when it started to rain. And then fog descended. 

So I only managed to get one good shot of the glacier, as by the time I got there you couldn’t see it.



As you can tell, I look like a drowned rat.

The next day was literally the sunniest of days, so why didn’t I hike that day instead? Oh well! One of the ladies in my room did the Ice Explorer and said it was amazing, and shed definately recommend it. Her photos were amazing and you walked through tunnel of ice and stuff and it looked pretty cool.

Instead I chose to have a down day, and just look round the town. There are hot pools in town that you can relax in (located next to the glacier guides). I recommend taking all jewellery off, as the minerals can tarnish them.

There’s also a little wildlife sanctuary which has a kiwi bird in it, which is pretty cool. The prices for these places can be a bit high, so check out bookme on the Internet for discounted activities.

Jess xx


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