Last stop in Queenstown

So I had 3 days in Queenstown. As I’m not one for super adrenaline stuff, I gave the bungy jump and the canyon swing a miss. 

First thing I decided to do was to explore the city, and what better way to do that, than a free walking tour. I love these, as you’re given the tour by a local, and they show you all the best places!

The first place to see in the Queenstown Gardens, and take a little walk along Lake Wakatipu, which I must say is beautiful!


There’s also an ice rink in the gardens, which is so awesome!

I didn’t head to Fergburger, as my wheat intolerance was super bad while I was there so instead I opted for a more dietary friendly Mexican at Sombreros Mexican Cantina. I had the corn fritters, which were great!


I have also discovered Rehab. It’s a place on Camp Street and it’s does smoothies and hot food including soups. And it was amazing!



I popped in one night as I was craving something sweet, and landed with a berried alive smoothie instead, which my body was very thankful for! And the chicken pomodoro soup is amazing, definately great for a crisp autumn day.

Definately check out Ericks fish and chips, they have fish and chips annnddddd deep fried kiwis- whaaaattt?!



The kiwis were so amazing, that I had to go back and get a second!

Queenstown is so much fun, and will definately offer loads for everyone!

Jess xx


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