Quick collab: Food #2 100% Melbourne

There are so many good places to eat, that I just had to write another quick food collab!

If you’re ever in Melbourne CBD, check out Bowery to Williamsberg. It’s sells sandwiches/bagels, among a few other thing like brownies and a few hot dishes. Located down Oliver Ln just off Flinders St. And it’s amazing! And I know this because it gets extremely busy with business people around lunch time! I forgot to take a photo of my sarny, but Reuben all the way! It also sells milkshakes, which I’m dying to get! 

Another great place is birds of a feather in Newport (20 mins west of Melbourne CBD). The day we went for lunch, one of the specials included brioche French toast, with rocky road ice cream. What could be better?! There’s also stuff for GF and DF people, like myself. I had the corn fritters which was an excellent choice, super yummy and filling. The whole menu is just mouth watering, so give it a go!

If you find yourself looking for a quick coffee spot, head to Degraves Street. It’s got a tonne of cute little places! There’s an epic doughnut shop called Doughnut Time, which serves some exotic looking doughnuts and it’s always busy so it must be fabulous!  There’s also a super cute cupcake shop, as well as a tonne of places that serve food. My go to place is Degraves Espresso, where you can get a decent cup of coffee or juice, and a quick bite as well. There’s seating indoors as well as undercover seating in the street (with heaters for those chilly days).

The other day I met up with a friend at the Queen Vic market, and was hank marvin (‘starving’ for those who don’t know Cockney rhyming slang). I was ready to opt for a greasy spoon, but he has a more refined taste. We walked past Fancy Hank’s BBQ joint and he was sold. And I must say, excellent call because the food was totally amazing! I had a fancy sanga, and the only describing word I can think of is mouth watering. I think there was brisket in it, and pickles and onions and pickles and onions on the side. There was cheese in it, but I opted out of that. Seriously, go there for a bite! You won’t be disappointed! And it’s so reasonably priced! 

Jess xx


Quick collab: Food

I’m a foodie. I love food. All I do is think about food. All I do is eat food. I love food.

I thought I’d do a quick collaboration of the best places I’ve eaten at so far in these past few months. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of these eateries, go in and get some grub!

The Rocks Burger (lunch menu)
12 Rocks Cafe and Beach Bar is found in Port Campbell, along the Great Ocean Road. This double sarnie was actually meant to be a burger and chips (I’m intolerant to wheat which is obvs in a bun and in batter) but it had all the same filling and it was amazing!

Chocolate Shot
This little chocolate beauty came from Max Brenner, which is a chain of chocolate shops in Australia. You need to go there, at least once (went 3 times in the first 2 weeks). Feed your inner chocoholic! Found in every state, except SA. 

These AMAZING looking waffles are from Grocer and Grind, a little discovery I made when I was in Gold Coast. They are Gluten and dairy free, for those people intolerant to all the things like myself, as well as super healthy! Yum!

Salmon Roll
Also from Grocer and Grind! Featuring lots of salmon and greens in a spelt flour crepe. Prepare for a taste bud explosion!

Beachy beef burger
Got this at the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay. Beef burger, bacon, cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, pickles, and relish. What more can I say?

Chocolate fondue with milk chocolate
Got this fantastic creation at Gabriel’s Chocolate, which is located on Caves Road in Western Australia. We stopped here on a trip north wards from Margaret River. I’m pretty sure there’s a winery attached, as well as a cute jewellry shop. What more do you need?

This very decadent plate of food is found at Tha Fish, located near the pier in Cairns. It’s octopus, chorizo, tomatoes and a vine leaf. I had it with a side of Jasmine rice. We ate here twice during our short stay, they’ve got tables set up outside but undercover. Really good atmosphere.

imageI’ve saved the best until last. This gorgeous pizza is from The Australian Hotel in Sydney, and it’s half Emu and half Kangaroo and its soooooo yummy! Before this pizza, I’d only had kangaroo steak and never eaten Emu, but surprisingly it’s so yummy! This is definately a place you should go! 
Jess x