My travel Essentials

I’m off to New Zealand, and holy moly am I excited! 

I’m staying for 27 days, visiting 11 different places, so staying in 11 different hostels!

I thought I’d put together a quick list of my 5 absolute top travel essentials, which I take with me whether I’m hopping countries or just states.

1. Nivea moisturising day cream


This cream is my saviour and I’ve used it for so many years now. It’s super light, and it doesn’t make you shiny (such a bonus). Plus it has SPF 30 in it. I love this as I hate putting sun cream on my face, as it makes me feel like my pores are being clogged!

2. Microfibre towel


I take this literally everywhere! Some people hate the feel of using them, but I love it! It’s super quick drying, absorbs water super quick when your drying yourself after a shower or at the beach, and it folds up super small. What more could you need? It’s just so practical!

3. Ear plugs and face mask


I think these two come as a package deal really. I find many people complaining about how loud a hostel can be, but it’s like dude, you’re in a hostel full of a tonne of young people. What do you expect? So for a peaceful night sleep, earplugs are obvs a must. I also find it helps to have a face mask to block out the light. A lot of places I have been to, the curtains haven’t been shut at night, or they’re super thin. So, get yourself a mask to block out the light. I think mines made of a towel material, so it’s quite thick and I see no light.

4. Padlock


Padlock is a must, there’s no question. It’s always good to lock your bag when flying, I know I do as it gives me extra piece of mind. But most hostels have lockers to store bags and valuable things away, and many don’t provide padlocks. So get yourself a good one! Mine have keys, but on many an occasion I have had a moment of panick after I think I’ve lost them, so a number one is definately better I think.

5. Travel diary


I take my travel diary with me wherever else I go. I note down what I do, where I go, how I feel, so it’s basically a journal. I view everything that happens to me whilst I’m away, is an experience I’m probably not going to have again. Whether I’m feeling happy at the beach or eating with a few friends, I may never go back to that beach or eat with these friends again. Every experience you have, you should treasure. 

I hope this was useful, and you use it to help get your own travel essentials!

Jess x


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